Welcome to Nudge

Thanks a lot for downloading! Here’s a guide.

Louis Barclay
4 min readJul 16, 2018

First things first, here’s Nudge’s privacy policy.

1. Addictive sites are off by default

That means that when you go to one, this happens:

This is to help prevent you mindlessly going onto a site that you don’t really want to visit.

You can go through to the site by dragging across the slider like this:

The slider gets harder to drag the more you switch on sites, to remind you that you’ve been doing so

The slider is an element of friction that hopefully causes you to think a little more about whether you really need to go to that site right now.

If that’s too much nudging, you can go to Nudge Options (right-click the Nudge icon and select ‘Options’) and either remove the site from your Nudge sites, or turn off the ‘off by default’ setting. You can also add any site you want to your Nudge sites.

By the way, that background changes every day so you don’t get bored.

2. Addictive sites get nudged visually

Nudge grows on your screen every five minutes you spend on a Nudge site.

Each ring represents five minutes of time spent

The nudge is transparent and doesn’t get in the way of your mouse, so you can keep doing whatever you’re doing on the page while being more aware of the time you’re spending.

Having said that, you can hide it completely whenever you like, by hovering over the Nudge icon and selecting the ‘Hide Nudge’ button:

You can also turn this feature off completely in Options (first option).

3. Parts of websites are hidden by default

Nudge hides certain sections of websites that could keep you sucked in longer than you really want.

You can spot hidden sections because they are replaced with the Nudge logo in a white circle. You can show these sections whenever you need them, by hovering over the Nudge logo and selecting either ‘Show once’ or ‘Show always’.

I’d love your help to find more sections of websites that distract you or cause you to waste time. Please send to louis [at] nudgeware [dot] io. I’m going to be constantly hiding more annoying website bits in my never-ending quest to clean the internet of crap that keeps us hooked.

4. ‘Delete your News Feed’ is still going strong

In the last few months, I started receiving reports that Facebook had started re-filling the News Feeds of people who had completely unfollowed all their friends, groups and pages.

I then experienced this first hand: to start with, Facebook forced me to look at all of my own previous posts ever by dumping them in my previously empty News Feed (pretty bad), and then this appeared (absolutely appalling):

Fortunately, it seems that Facebook have now ditched these pathetic and morally bankrupt attempts to force people who quite clearly opted out of the News Feed to consume content they don’t care about, meaning that the dream of a completely blank News Feed is alive and well, along with the Nudge ‘Delete your News Feed’ feature.

As always, you can find that at the top of your Facebook home page, and here’s how you use it:

At the moment, unfortunately the only way to refollow friends, pages and groups is to do it via News Feed Preferences. Here are instructions on where to find that Facebook feature.

Deleting your News Feed can literally be life-changing so I highly recommend trying it out.

That’s all, folks! Two more quick things in case you’re interested:

FEEDBACK: It’s a brand new release so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of bugs. Please get in touch at feedback [at] nudgeware [dot] io with anything, positive or negative (but ideally positive). I will start fixing your issues straight away.

INSTALLATION: If you don’t have Nudge installed, you can download it here.